Advanced Stress Analysis & Materials


This module is a core requirement for students on the Mechanical course and builds on a prior knowledge of stress analysis, structure and mechanical properties of materials from an earlier course of study. The module is designed to extend the students knowledge of the analytical techniques of stress analysis, plasticity theory and some of the more advanced theories behind finite element analysis.

The module also investigates properties of a range of modern materials and associated advanced manufacturing processes with a view to broaden the students’ knowledge and skills when selecting a material for a complex engineering application. Use of case studies from extensive research activities of the academic staff is a main feature of this module, introducing students to career opportunities in industrial research and development.



  • To extend the students knowledge of analytical techniques for complex stress analysis and to introduce modern computer-based solutions to stress and structural problems
  • To identify the importance of modern materials in advanced manufacturing processes and to examine both materials and processes which are available or being developed.
  • To examine aspects of quality assurance related to advanced materials
    To apply the principles of stress analysis in modern material development and their significance for economic design.


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate stresses and deflections in engineering structures under various complex loading conditions and determine stiffness matrices and load vectors for iso-parametric problems.
  • Analyse and provide solutions for problems concerning plastic deformation, plastic flow and collapse.
  • Use finite element packages in the solution of time dependent problems such as creep and non-linear problems such as buckling and large deflections.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of characteristics of advanced engineering materials and identify the interrelationship between their structure and properties.
  • Clarify and Evaluate how structure and properties of an advance material affect the manufacturing process
  • Demonstrate how quality assurance techniques can be applied to the manufacturing processes of modern materials, and select an appropriate process to manufacture a product for a given critical application.